Gourmet highlights in South Tyrol

A gourmet's paradise in the mountains

Between the main alpine ridge and Po valley there is a small but extremely fine paradise for gourmets: South Tyrol, the land of indulgence between two cultures. South Tyrol enjoys both the influence from alpine and Italian cuisine and is therefore more than interesting for every gourmet.

The best ingredients are combined into first-class dishes in South Tyrol. Light or hearty, spicy, fancy, mild ... South Tyrol's cuisine can do anything but above all it is a true feast for the senses and it's not just gourmets who claim so.

At South Tyrol's wine route hotels you can also become a gourmet when you taste the delicious dishes served up by our head chefs. To accompany this, sample a fine wine from the wine region of South Tyrol's south and make every day a really indulgent spectacle! Delicious products from our own farming complete the culinary experience. Apple juice, wine, grappa and many other products are up for sale.

Being a gourmet in South Tyrol is easy – the region's varied cuisine will totally convince you!